09. Dec 19

Stille Welten exhibiton Class 6

29.11.19: „Stille Welten“ – 6. Klasse visits a local exhibition with Ms. Vernon

Today, year 6, not renowned for their love of silence, visited the exhibition „Stille Welten“ in the Festung, Rüsselsheim. This visit was one of our field trips to find inspiration for our next topic „Winter“ when we will be examining the forms and colours used to communicate the idea of winter and cold.

These pictures, by artists Eva Pietzcker and Philipp Hennevogl show the printing techniques Linoprint and Japanese woodcut print. The students were appropriately impressed and quickly got down to work, utilizing the limited colour palette available to achieve fantastic results.

In the following weeks, we will be exploring the possibilties of simple printing techniques as well as frottage aka brass rubbing which can achieve similar results to printing, based on the sketches the students made today. Unfortunately, we won’t be trying out lino-cutting in class but interested students can do so at the after-school Creative Club, Thursdays.