05. Dec 19

Besuch im Mathematikum Kl. 9G

Our class 9 Gymnasium class had the privilege to visit Mathmatikum in Giesen, a museum that has been created specifically to show the beauty of mathematics. After our train journey, class 9 were greeted by a range of mathematical exhibits that the students were encouraged to play with and to experiment with.

After a brief tour of the museum the students split into their groups and were encouraged to seek out answers by learning through doing. This involved working through puzzles, creating bridges, watching our for patterns in mathematics, making square wheels roll and many other exciting features.

The favourite feature of the museum was a huge bubble cage that the students could climb into and pull up around them. Each time the students tried the bubble would burst at some point but their competitive nature forced them to try and get the bubble to be bigger and last longer than the time before.

One of the main benefits of the trip was that it gave the students the opportunity to turn maths into a physical activity which is not alway possible in the school environment. The main focus of the museum was learning by doing which we as a school support and it was lovely to see the students working so well.